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Five top places for the roll joints in Karachi are setting its toll of popularity. What exactly makes it happen to stand out from the rest in the city are the three main ingredients; chutney, adequate amount of spices and the texture of paratha. The combination of softness with crispiness is not easily achieved. But guess what! There are certain places for these rolls which makes it heavenly.

1. Hot n Spicy Rolls:

The paratha joint started its play on the mouths of many. It is a ten year old venture which took its customers to the heights of cravings and lows of bad moods. Barbecue was its main center of attraction. Later, it became the best place for those who love to eat outside. Foodies love this place for two prime reasons; affordability and comfort-ability with quality food. The serving of one roll is good enough, nevertheless, it is so yummy that you just can’t stop eating. Yeah! The taste buds simply shouts out for more and more.

Hot n Spicy has several branches and now the latest one is located in North Nazimabad in Karachi. Their mayonnaise roll is considered one of the best ones, for its tendency to sprout out mayonnaise. Another significant feature of “Hot n Spicy” is the ambiance which is totally meant for people for all ages. However, young adults are the ones who make this place lively and wanted.

Source: SourSip

Hot-N-Spicy Opens Its Doors In North Nazimabad

As a resident of “the other side of the town” I’m usual very eager to try cool new eateries that open in the F. B. Area and North Nazimabad vicinity. So when Hot n Spicy opened shop on the North Nazimabad food street, I HAD to check it out.

Even though a lot of chic-er joints have opened in North, the comfortable yet dazzling ambiance has been missing. As someone who finds the look of the restaurant as important as the food itself, I really liked the contemporary and fresh look together with decent lighting.

The menu was pretty diverse with BBQ, Chinese Fast Food, and Shawarmas. We decided to go with Beef Chilli Dry, standard Shawarma, Reshmi and Seekh Kebabs with Naan. For drinks we got a Fruit Punch and Pina colada. The Shawarma wasn’t available along with hot beverages, which is never a good sign. We replaced the Shawarma with a Chicken Garlic Roll. The food was served in less than 15 minutes, despite the variety of our order, and was smoking hot.

Source: TastingKarachi